Should You Ask Friends For Dating Profile Recommendations?

Internet-assisted dating is based on flipping through profiles. What info should you include to attract the right type of candidates? Which traits should you highlight? Profile filling may be tricky, especially if you have never done it before. Will a piece of advice from a friend help?

Sometimes, we need an honest and objective opinion about our personalities. A good friend may provide valuable insights into your image, but do not base your description on them entirely. Here is when their impressions come in handy.

You have never tried online dating before.

A profile must be, in essence, a snapshot of who you are, your lifestyle and relationship goals. It may be difficult to take stock of your best personality traits if you are not inclined to conduct a self-analysis. People, who have only filled CVs before, simply find it challenging. In this case, an outside view will help.  

If you absolutely need profile hints, ask a longtime friend – someone who has been close to you for many years. Ideally, they are experienced in finding a partner on the web. If you do not know where to start, they may guide you in the right direction, pointing out your best qualities and ways to phrase them most effectively.

However, their views may be biased. After all, people see only those sides of us that we are willing to show. Some thoughts and character traits remain hidden from friends. Generally, social interaction is based on wearing masks. If you feel you have never been yourself in their company, this means their opinion will be skewed.

They can assist you to choose the best words and images.

Many factors make a profile attractive. Flattering photos must be accompanied by thoughtful bio. Here is where things often go awry. Details that seem important to you could look redundant to others. The tone of writing may be giving the wrong impression, and so on. 

Your information must be well-structured and it should spark interest. Your most prominent and attractive personality traits must be specified first, and the profile should be tailored to the modern swiping culture, grabbing attention immediately. 

What if your writing skills are clearly lacking? Or you do not know which qualities should come first? You could ask a friend to spell-check and edit your profile. Of course, this implies that their writing should be superior. 

Overall, a friend’s opinion could be useful. It is hard to conduct self-assessment objectively and to choose details that communicate the right message. In cases like this, an external view is useful. However, do not forget to listen to your heart as well. 

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