Most Popular Foreign Dating Sites

Today, the Internet is the most common place where couples meet, and the sheer number of dating sites is incredible. However, it is best to check the platform before you register. With so much fake information and rampant data theft, online dating raises certain concerns. 

How reliable is the website? Does it have fake profiles or scammers lurking around? Has it been set up for the sole purpose of leaking your personal details to third parties? These and many other questions are probably popping up in your head if you are searching for a dating platform.

Here are three wildly popular websites for singles abroad.


This US-based site has been around for over a decade, and it allows international dating. One of the oldest on the Internet, it requires more in-depth profile filling, and lengthy questionnaires to improve the quality of matching. It makes assessing compatibility much easier. 

Recent updates have made the site resemble Tinder in terms of swiping. It is now impossible to message an individual unless you two have matched. When you type a message and hit send, it remains invisible in the person’s inbox until there is a match. According to website owners, this measure is meant to reduce offensive messaging.


Another US-based dating site, Match has a free version, most of the features are only accessible for the money. However, for a single determined to find true love, paid membership should not be an obstacle. Your presence on the Match site will only show the seriousness of intentions.

The website has impressive geographic coverage, with 25 countries and 8 languages. It is, therefore, a popular place for international love seekers. Founded in 1993, it now boasts of around a hundred million registered users. 

The website is notorious for heavily censoring both photos and profile information to maintain a respectable website. Profile approval may take up to 3 days, and users may find some of their information deleted. However, it is a reputable platform that has connected many happy couples.


Tinder is probably the first place to go for young singles in the USA and Europe. For people seeking a serious relationship, the brevity of profiles may be a drawback. You have to form an opinion based on a user’s photos, short information, and linked social media accounts. 

The whole process of looking for love is based on swiping. You can flip through the candidates, swiping either right or left means that you like or dislike a person respectively. This explains why Tinder is often accused of promoting flings rather than connecting people for real commitments. 

Chatting becomes accessible if both candidates like each other. The lack of profile information makes messaging more complicated, as you have fewer ideas for conversation openers. Overall, Tinder is largely perceived as a hookup app.

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