Should You Contact a Dating Agency to Find Love?

Before the digital era, humans found their potential spouses through social connections or matchmakers. There were no apps, and everything took place offline. International dating was also complicated, as you were restricted to the local area.

Today, when there are so many Internet-assisted options, the idea of an agency seems old-fashioned. After all, you are instantly connected to millions of singles as soon as you go online. Why pay a mediator? There are, however, some real benefits provided by matchmaking companies. 

When You Seek True Commitment

Dating apps, aside from their convenience, have a major drawback. Appearances are often deceptive. There are spammers, scammers, and people looking for flings. If you are family-oriented, the constant swiping may build mistrust and get annoying. 

People fabricate and sugar-coat all kinds of details to make their profiles more attractive. In addition to heavy airbrushing, personality traits and intentions may all be misleading. The most outrageous case is married people posing as singles. 

Also, it may be hard to find a suitable site. Most smartphone apps nowadays have turned into hookup spots, where profile information is minimal, and decisions are made instantly. Such shallow selection could make you overlook your perfect candidate.

Shallow Swiping

Most dating sites and apps are based on swiping as the primary tool to connect. We are so obsessed with physical attractiveness that we discard people based on a single unflattering photo. You swipe either right or left depending on whether you like or dislike a photo, and only a few people bother to read any profile information. 


Soon, you will start questioning the true motives of each candidate. With matchmakers, the choice will be carefully tailored to your goals and needs. Even the lengthiest online questionnaires and computer algorithms cannot replace human analysis. 

Overall, dating websites and apps are convenient for young people who are used to the swiping culture or singles ready to invest significant time in thorough searches. Additionally, sites that require a paid subscription are often viewed as more reliable, as people willing to pay for dating are usually more serious. 

Advantages of Agencies 

Matchmaking agencies are useful for people who want to find their true soulmate and build a family. They do not work for free, but you are likely to get your money’s worth. Focus on marriage usually causes a relatively meticulous approach to matching. 

As a client, you will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires and specify your needs. Typically, the way it works is this:

  1. filling in questionnaires; 
  2. evaluating received matches; 
  3. first contact by email; 
  4. speaking by phone; 
  5. meeting in person.

Matches are based on a range of psychology, hobbies, tastes, cultural values, religion, and many other factors. The quality of screening is normally much higher than a dating site can deliver. 

Most importantly, you know that your candidates are all looking for true commitment and are paying for it, just like you. Hence, dating agencies are your safest bet if you want serious human connection but do not have enough time for all the swiping and checking. 

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